7 villians | the psychotic, the narcissist, the gambler, the cannibal, the sadist, the "Master", the manic


only like 6 minutes in n this episode is already so inspiring and relatable 

Happy Birthday Kim Kibum ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Yongguk appreciation post nº 3: His cute Jepp Blackman days.

Youngjae pls...
Youngjae pls...
mean girls - shinee ver.

when B.A.P were asked about their favourite nicknames


hot or not? - LEO ver.

Popular text posts: Yang Hyunsuk edition

Please pray for Ladies’ Code



It was also announced that two members are in critical condition (So Jung and the other member hasn’t been confirmed)

Today is also So Jung’s birthday. Please keep these girls in your thoughts and prayers.