140930 G-Dragon at Chanel S/S 2015 Fashion Show in Paris

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1/50 gifs of Yongguk | clean up crew BangJae



"dbsk will now promote as 2"

"exo will now promote as 11"

"f(x) will promote as 4"

"snsd will now promote as 8"


don’t forget

"suju will now promote as 12"

"… oops no 11"

himchan, 1004 making of



When you thought SM was done fucking with groups in their company but they weren’t 



Steal her look: S.M. Entertainment

$15 steel garbage can

As of 2014 the only idol groups in SM that have all of their members are Shinee and Red Velvet.
— The Great Downfall (via exodirtyconfessions)


sm: due to *spins colorful wheel* scheduling conflicts, *throws a dart at board* shinee’s minho *picks card* was uninvited to our birthday party?

please don’t… 

steal his look: royal azalea boy.

gucci slim fit cotton shirt - £215

ventuno 21 satin skinny tie red - £15

fred perry black sweater vest - £61

florist rose bud in red - £1.78

steel intelligent quartz fly-back chronograph - £123.07

[HQ] 4Minute HyunA for The Bling 1000x1450
[HQ] 4Minute HyunA for The Bling 1000x1450



Reasons to love Jung Daehyun: Precious baby is thankful to his parents. ╥﹏╥